2017 – 2019 Lehigh Valley (LV) crime statistics are dropping! Lehigh County overall crime down 20%, homicides down 50%, Lehigh County Jail population down 35%! Drug related deaths dropped 32% in Lehigh Valley!

PA Governor declared that 50% of all new economic development in the commonwealth was coming from the Lehigh Valley! (Over 1 Billion dollars of slated new economic development.)

2015 All 140 schools and colleges in the LV were adopted in daily prayer for the year by area churches and intercessors.

2014, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Four powerful Summons the Nations events were held with 30+ nations participating, representing people born outside the USA, but now living in the LV, blessing the USA and receiving blessings as well!

Pictured, L-R: Joanne Turner, Karin Campas, Dr. Lloyd Turner, Dr. Ed Silvoso, Poncho Murguia, Derk Maat.

The PPL Center  hosted the 10,000 Men in Unity event on September 19, 2015 – “To the Glory of God!” With Dr Ed Silvoso and Poncho Murguia from  Transform our World, opening & closing the event

There have been over 100 salvations reported in Center City Allentown, including one from a drive-up window at a McDonald’s!

Over 40 Transformers joined with us in 2014 and 2015 for a 40 day fast for Pulling Down the Stronghold of Violence in the LV with encouraging video insights and prayer from Pastor Poncho Murguia of Ciudad Juarez Mexico

Staking the Gates of the Lehigh Valley!  19 “Gates” (major roadways), 19 hours, 365 miles! The perimeter has been staked out with prayer, scripture (on the stakes) and dedicated for the King & the Kingdom! (Sept. 2014)

A marketplace Minister at the South Mall began speaking blessings and peace “In Jesus Name!” Many came for their daily blessing and healings, a woman who was stooped at 90 degrees is now walking upright, a Hindu mother & daughter professed Christ as Savior!

Lehigh Valley Declaration of Dependence upon GodJuly 3rd 2014 The LV was officially dedicated at Bethlehem Town Hall with our LV Declaration of Dependence – signed by 56 attendees including the 2 mayors of Easton & Allentown!

Lehigh County was declared one of the Top 10 in economic growth in the United States! (WFMZ 69 News, Dec. 17, 2012)

Over 50 people were present at the Prayer Walk on the 8th St Bridge on Saturday 5/5/2012 to stop the suicides and turn it into a “Bridge of Hope!”

“An online prayer group began in Allentown City Hall in 2012,  led by Jim Toth, one of our city adopters!” He has also begun a weekly inspirational blog.

1/8/2012 Kick Off Rally for Pray for Lehigh Valley-  250 joined us at ZIONS UCC Liberty Bell Church, with presentations from Rev Bob Stevens, Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Lloyd & Joanne Turner, and local street adopters sharing harvest testimonies from the streets.

An Ecumenical Service was held in Symphony Hall September 27, 2012 as part of the Allentown 250 Celebration with Gerald Whitaker from Newark speaking and Beyond Barriers leading in worship, including a free blessing meal for everyone in the Arts Park

We were given access to the ground floor of the new PPL Center arena project, where we were able to bless and dedicate the land and the project to the Lord in August 2012

Expanding Ministry:

Transformation Prison Ministry: Founded by Pray for Lehigh Valley, numerous ongoing healings and decisions have been occurring among the male and female inmates at Lehigh County Jail during the Bible studies. E.g. painful abdominal cysts healed after 18 years, leg pains, toothaches, migraines, chronic pains, carpal tunnel, scoliosis, etc.

We have completed several LV TOW Schools of Transformation with over 50 participants who were transformed and anointed as marketplace ministers! These are available as a six week introduction and additional 10 week in-depth trainings.

We were invited to share the Pray for Lehigh Valley story in Hawaii at the TOW Global Conference October 2013 and 2014 and were encouraged by comments and further inquiries, expanding our vision and our sphere of influence! We have also participated in the North American TOW Conferences in: Juarez, Mexico, Vallejo Ca, and Brantford, Ontario Canada

Serving on several ministry boards in the Lehigh Valley:  GordonWJCS 89.3 Christian FM and Share the Power:  Gail – Mosaic House of Prayer

Serving on TOW Global Prayer Presbytery – a monthly intercessory group led by Dr Ed Silvoso and Barbara Chan

Please feel free to submit your testimony of what God is doing in transforming you and your sphere of influence!

GOD is MOVING in the Lehigh Valley!  Keep praying and watching for opportunities for God to use YOU (The Ekklesia) to help bring LV Transformation in 2019!