Pray for Lehigh Valley - Adopt A Street
Street Adopters at Allentown City Hall 12/5/2011Do you have a Burden for Transformation in our Valley?

We hope that you will commit with us, to a focused approach in praying for ALL the cities and townships of the Lehigh Valley. By adopting every street and highway in prayer, we can and will change the spiritual climate of the entire Lehigh Valley!

Our goal is to advance the Kingdom of God on earth, as it is in heaven. This will result in  transforming not only our families and churches, but also the marketplace - business, education and government. We will see the walls of division fall and unity arise!

Photo: Allentown Street Adopters, Ismael Arcelay Special Assistant to the Mayor of Allentown ,  Rev Richard Bauman, Rev. Norka Braswell, Gail & Gordon Okuley,    Pray for Lehigh Valley Coordinators

Are you ready to Transform the Lehigh Valley by becoming an Adopter?
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